Benefits of an eCommerce Website With Integration to Your Microsoft Dynamics ERP – By Industry

It’s no secret that businesses in different industries require different features and functionalities to run their business effectively. Someone who sells medical supplies and equipment to other businesses needs a much different setup than someone running a not-for-profit web store. Even so, having your front-end web store integrated to your Microsoft Dynamics ERP offers benefits no matter what industry you are in. Read our industry-specific blog posts to see what an integrated eCommerce platform can offer your business.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

Whether your medical supplies and equipment business works with B2B buyers or sells directly to consumers, having an integrated web store makes the process of selling online easier by providing a simple process for updating inventory, making price changes and being able to download technical documents from the product page. Read this blog post to learn about additional benefits for your business.

Food and Beverage

Customer satisfaction is extremely important in the food and beverage industry. Give your customers a great user experience by eliminating a lengthy order process and providing unique product catalogs and keyword search filters. Get the full article here.


Having a web store for your business in the education industry requires features that make it easier for customers to use. By implementing a web store integrated to your ERP, you can have unlimited product attributes, easily add or alter products that have frequent price changes or sellout quickly and have downloadable goods available for your customers. Read more about eCommerce for your business in the education industry in this blog post.


One of the most common frustrations in the automotive industry is having a high volume of SKU’s that can sell out quickly. A web store with integration to your ERP puts you and your customer’s minds at ease with real-time pricing and availability updates as changes are made back-office. Learn more about the benefits of an integrated web store for your automotive business in this blog post.


With being able to create unique product catalogs per client, providing customers with a quick order entry tool and granting them access to invoices and order history, your web store with integration to your ERP can function more efficiently. Learn more about integrated eCommerce for your business in the distribution industry by reading this article.


Having a web store integrated to your ERP for your apparel business allows customers to select items from unlimited product attributes, use keyword search to filter through your catalog and see products up close with multiple images and zoom. Interested in learning more? Follow this link for the full article.


The benefits of having an integrated eCommerce site for the industrial industry include quick order entry for your customers, downloadable technical documents from the product page and the ability to create unique freight costs for your various SKUs. Get the full article here.


Businesses in the non-profit industry have more important things to do than manage multiple databases. Streamline online sales and create a product catalog using unlimited product attributes, real-time pricing and filters to refine product search results. Learn about more the benefits on an integrated eCommerce site for your non-profit business in this blog post.


Even with the retail industry being the most known, integrating your web store provides multiple benefits. Never sell out-of-stock or incorrectly priced inventory, easily add, remove or alter high turnover merchandise and show your items off in the best light with multiple images that can be viewed up close with our zoom feature. Read more about the retail industry in this article.

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