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Lessons learned from 2020 and the pandemic

The pandemic has turned the economy on its head, leading to massive job losses and employment uncertainty for many. Lockdowns and restrictions, put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19, have forced countless brick-and-mortar shops to close or drastically change their retail practices. Despite these challenges, manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers have found new and … Continue reading Lessons learned from 2020 and the pandemic

The CIO’s Guide to a Bulletproof Ecommerce Investment

This article was originally featured in ERP SoftwareBlog. You can read the original article here. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has one of the most critical jobs in any organization. The IT department he or she oversees is responsible for the swift, reliable, uninterrupted flow of business data between the company’s various systems. Often, these systems and … Continue reading The CIO’s Guide to a Bulletproof Ecommerce Investment

How Marketers Get the Most from ERP-Integrated E-Commerce

A well-designed, ERP-integrated e-commerce website is arguably the most powerful tool in a marketer’s arsenal. But it isn’t enough to just put up a web store. Your platform must continually adapt and evolve based on your target audience, product performance, and promotional strategy.
So how does an e-commerce marketer harness the full potential of an ERP-integrated web store platform? Which features are the most important for maximizing that conversion rate?

4 ecommerce myths you need to stop believing.

4 E-Commerce Myths You Need to Stop Believing

E-commerce is an achievable goal for any business with a product or service to sell. It helps companies lower their costs, grow their sales, and optimize their customer experience.

And yet incredibly, a large number of business owners still feel unwilling to venture an online channel. Having talked with many small-to-medium business owners over the years, we’ve learned that their objections usually come down to one of the following for e-commerce myths.