Amazon’s Not Just for Retail; Introducing Amazon Business for B2B eCommerce

Amazon is no stranger to the eCommerce world. But when they launched their version of a B2B site in 2012 called AmazonSupply, back when B2B buying was still largely done by ordering from a traditional product catalog, many had their doubts. With Amazon’s B2B eCommerce site, AmazonSupply, only products Amazon acquired from other manufacturers and distributors could be purchased. Now Amazon is stepping up their game with Amazon Business in their quest to win over the almost $8 trillion business-to-business eCommerce sector. This new online marketplace has replaced AmazonSupply, their first attempt of breaking into the B2B eCommerce world.

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From AmazonSupply to Amazon Business

Amazon launched AmazonSupply in 2012 and quickly recognized that B2B eCommerce is more of a challenge than B2C. With complexities such as dealing with procurement, buyers, engineers and order approvals, B2B buying is not as simple as putting items in your cart and proceeding through checkout. AmazonSupply grew to more than 2.25 million products ranging from janitorial suppliers to metal cutting tools and industrial equipment in three short years. Now with some B2B experience under their belt, Amazon is making the transition from AmazonSupply to Amazon Business in order to better accommodate buyers. Amazon Business is using what they learned to offer a broader range of products, more useful search and navigation, personalized content and the opportunity for third-party sellers to sell on their site.

Benefits of Selling on Amazon Business

Selling on Amazon Business will benefit your B2B business in more ways than one, here are just a few:

  • Increased product visibility
  • More traffic to your website
  • Sales growth
  • Wider target audience
  • Customer security and trust
  • A new channel for your customers to shop

Take Online Marketplace Selling to the Next Level with Integration

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